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minusoneman2 Highest class of catchy but still brutal progressive death metal with lots of atmosphere. Friends of late Death, Gomorrha,Obscura and bands like that MUST check this out...
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osirisx3r0 I like the follow-up a lot more, but there's definitely room for this to grow. Such a talented band, with the ability to weave layer upon layer of atmosphere and wonder, but be incredibly brutal going about it Favorite track: Stargazer.
Simon Gingras
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Simon Gingras Super belle découverte en cette période de confinement involontaire : un albulm riche et bien ficelé d'un bout à l'autre. La finale est succulente avec ma best track Babel!!!
Bravo à toute l'équipe :)
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Reveil 01:24
Dunes 07:40
Roam – Home – Om Ripping pulses of plasma erupt Blinding, and devastating all that stands In your impending vicinity I gain of your shoals, gift of infinity Ageless one out of the naked void I see now, you are the light from which we shadows grow Sublime and queer are these surreal mountains of light Yet... Wandering – I seek – Starshine – The end These dunes everlasting, burning I have not the words... Swept from the breadth of my tongue Yet I want to come back... Home Finally back here, I cannot hear, see, feel I have not the words… Wandering time – I seek dunes Winding path – I am here now Arjuna: O lord, now I long to see it I want to see you, supreme ruler of creation Show me your immortal self. Krishna: Behold a million divine forms Infinite variety of color and shape Behold the gods of the natural world Behold the entire cosmos turning within my body. Arjuna: I see, you are embodied in every form So difficult to behold, like a fiery sun blazing I and the entire universe shake in terror Mouths burning like fires at the end of time. Krishna: I am time the destroyer of all I have come to consume the world Do not fear my terrible form Difficult to obtain the vision you have had But through devotion attain union with Me – Om Light the skies in brilliant waves of flames From your core the seed of life smolders and remains I have lost my carnal will... Roaming onwards I dream of dunes from your shores Falling in raptures of pain; indifferent law Dire fractals of light Seeds grow of your breed This pyre at once gives life I am now set free. Finally back here, I cannot hear, see, feel I have not the words… Wandering time, I seek dunes of the noble star Starshine like rain, the spark that started all Winding path hails my soul as dim and fallen sage I am here now, my journey comes to its end.
Effervesce 06:52
Quick to judge, first to fall Swift tempers pillage and rape all hope, shatter those walls Sinking and burning in this field I am toiling These dreams I am reaping won't rectify my loss. A scream from within me writhes: Palely sick, pure agony Contorted, twisted rooted scars Stems of mere beliefs from a vat of lies Abide a brief stay to these fractured deceits Disclose wisdom forgotten between words and time Seeking (I am already here) Burning (in cold eventuality) Patterns of sickness are shrines through which you become Nothing is eternity, so pointless the daunted need to be A speck of paltry prose; Graven illusion Ascend, ascend exalted herald Seek no sanctuary in the carnal specter of fear Fissure the veil of lies beckoning your own demise Effervescent is the one beyond severity Something worth being is so far above your folly and callous designs Recursive absurdity, you fall Even sails of ire will cause your hell Downfall. Requisite is the knowledge of self Don't settle: a snare for fallen souls Forsaken – sacred Beholden cosmic waves behind no-mind... Seeking (I am already here) Burning (in cold eventuality) Nothing is eternity So pointless the daunted need to be A speck of paltry prose Engraved seclusion Ascend, ascend exalted herald Seek no sanctuary in the carnal specter of fear Fissure the veil of lies beckoning your own demise Effervescent is the one beyond severity.
Stargazer 09:56
Breathe No air in thy lungs No blood in thy veins Breathe No thoughts in thy mind No love in my soul Longing for the lessons of faraway gods Blessed grace for the soul of one whose eyes go dull in the day and hollow in the night a free fall towards cosmic diamonds, a song of nymphs for the disenchanted, should holding on be my death! Starborne, launched skyward into darkness the projectile of intrinsic sin, unleashed as horizons capsize under lamentations bearing promises of the better world This plane beckons an old feeling before my birth, before this burden nested upon my gut Voices call out a name from long ago Echoed koans from far gone worlds Must let myself fall, must not forget to Breathe the wind wheezes under the weight of time how difficult it is to release Release cosmic bodies lay fire to my visions a hollow gestalt bare before me that I may be reborn that I may find peace bloody clenched fists keep me grounded in a world hurling towards oblivion the strong-armed embrace of gravity annihilates itself against the light the violent fecundity of the stars reason shares the same fate as the sun thoughts collapse under the silence of my being quiescent in the eternal presence of the all the body withers away and blossoms the elements time be stripped of me, that I may live death be upon me, that I may breathe Breathe
Induration 01:48
Akrasia 07:32
Cure my sickness you old man Guide my conviction for sovereignty Must I deny myself this life? Do not seek, Do not resist... You old devious trickster enamored by the mystery in the trees holding the answers forever withheld Should it be so cruel, this singular way Disenchanted, embittered by the sight before me The mirror drops into a well of vertigo Following the words of these old moralists I see suffering disclosing the bare life of this wise man The flesh of my own tastes bitter as I devour, choking Suffering is wisdom, suffering is the way of the light they say, they say... I've ceased to be, I am no longer becoming Just like the wise man, I live in between The grey is void, the grey is free Oh you old trickster, look what you've done! you didn't fix me, I didn't fix me Oh you old fiend, now I see Following the words of these old moralists Suffering discloses the bare life of wise men The flesh that is my own is bitter and iron blood soaked and blind, I'm ready for my lesson Cure my sickness you old man For I must be taught self-reliance Must I deny myself this life Do not seek, Do not resist Do not seek, Do not resist Do not see I do not see
The Plunge 09:00
Under the guise of ill intent The gravity of the fall tears the veil exposing an empty corpse whose weight buckles the shoulders of a lost traveller his home, the world, embalmed with the suffocating haze of the real his life, all the memories, sealed away microns beyond, yet unreachable its hollow gaze everlasting, frozen in time In cold angst he dwells, watching from a far away distance A cosmic joke! In existential irony the death of this feeling appears mirroring its birth, taunting ready to plunge... once more old friends lost to memory thaw in the heat of a new sun let their deaths sow the seeds of a thousand more worlds beyond
Babel 09:56
Behold, the people are all one, and they have all one language, and this only is the onset of their will…. And now, no thing will be withholden from them which they might conceive. -Genesis 11:6 So we’ve come to know how dull our words ring And through lies we shall see their tainted hypocrisy I have seen the light of our lost cause But still yet have nothing to say My thoughts run thin and cry to be heard amongst the chaos Still feels like they won’t obey I am left with nothing said There is beauty ever hidden in the breach Torn within from us without mercy The perfect paradox of lending words of wisdom knowing full they are dull and grey So often they come and say "We’ll honor you with the true vision of truth If only you’d join us in the sacristy…" So false and forced are your words they follow suit from sophistry Regressed are we who believe: To reify words founds them real Wrought iron has kept shape from its willful forging But never is it denied its supple Nature Let go of your conceited aerie Let silence beget its true and utter meaning Nusuth, names are not meant for us I have seen the light of our cause I am still, nothing to say My thoughts are silent, and yet are heard in the chaos As if there is none to obey I prefer to leave nothing said There is beauty torn from within us What great violence could ever move this majesty? Will your words achieve it? The heart of man is set on this trivial absurdity No matter, I prefer to leave nothing said The tragedy of this is that we won’t recognize it Nothing is quite without its opposite Let your conceits go – Silence your mind Listen to the ebb and flow and follow Idolized words that without mind are insignificant I no more know its worth.


Quebec death metal act Sutrah’s first full length features compositions sprawled over a 7 year period, bringing together trimmings of themes written from 2011 to its completion in 2017. With inspirations ranging from Lykathea Aflame, Martyr, and Ulcerate, to Cocteau Twins and Olivier Messiean, ‘Dunes’ is the trio's initiation at forging a sound reconciling the violent yet malleable aesthetic of death metal with a more sonically serene colour palette. Such unstable contrast is depicted in the artwork: A Deva with a terrible face meditates in the lotus position eclipsing the sun: a symbol which parallels the Deva's twin capacity for light and life-giving, and immeasurable power and destruction. The lyrics weave around the theme of one conscience pulled apart by self-questioning, will (or lack thereof), doubt, dread, desire, apathy, and the sublime. Having festered in the minds of its creators for a long time, Sutrah now offers you this vomitus as a sign of things to come...


released September 22, 2017

Claude Leduc: Guitars, backup vocals, reyongs
Alex Bao: Bass, chants
Laurent Bellemare: Lead vocals, chants, reyongs, didgeridoo

Drums recorded and performed by Kevin Paradis

Guest vocals on ‘Stargazer’ and 'Akrasia’ by Patrick Loisel
Guest screeches on ‘Stargazer’ by Nicola Nucciarone

All songs written and arranged by Sutrah
Lyrics for Dunes, Effervesce, and Babel by Alex Bao
Lyrics for Stargazer, Akrasia, and The Plunge written by Claude Leduc
Reamping, Mixing, and Mastering by Hugues Deslauriers @ Roarrr Sound Studios, Montreal between 03/17 - 07/17
Reyongs and other instruments recorded/sampled at Université de Montréal
Artwork by Adam Burke
Design by Rachel Goguen


all rights reserved



Sutrah Montreal, Québec

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